• EDEA Energy is a foundation partner of Australian owned and operated, Energy Renaissance, which is Australia’s own lithium battery manufacturer.

    EDEA Energy utilises Energy Renaissance's safe, high-energy lithium cells which are designed to deliver a battery built for Australian conditions with world-class safety and power.

  • We’ve been helping fast growing companies since 2019, but our journey started long before that.

    We’re a close-knit group of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors, from a range of backgrounds that involve working with high growth tech companies - on both sides of the fence.

  • Our objective is to enhance our clients' operations by giving them the edge over their competitors.

    We are experienced navigators of the complexities of policy and politics. We are focussed on helping our clients manage risk, pursue business opportunities and ultimately, achieve their strategic objectives.

  • Australia’s transition to a net-zero emissions economy will deliver massive business and economic benefits. It is possible to grow jobs, attract investment, innovate and become more economically competitive, all while transitioning to a safe climate. Achieving a strong economy and a safe climate is not just possible, it is absolutely critical if we are to confront the challenges of the future.

  • Disruptive Scientific specializes in deep-science research to invent and manufacture ultra low-cost batteries for residential customers.

    Disruptive Scientific's membraneless flow battery design not only reduces maintenance to nearly zero, but also enables a 100X reduction in battery chemistry costs.

  • Mamachi was established in 2017 to advance Australia's transition to 100% Renewables and Net Zero
    Carbon by driving Intelligent Energy, Emissions and Building Wellness outcomes across the Built Environment.

  • Creating autonomous specialist platforms, products and systems using best-in-class, state of the art technology.  Powered by advanced AI incorporating computer vision, radar, acoustics and deep learning algorithms.  Advent Atum's mission is to rapidly advance industry capabilities focusing on autonomy and sustainability.

  • Vehicle Solutions Australia has been providing completely outsourced Novated leases to both the private and government sectors for over 15 years. This includes most Federal and State Government departments as well as a long list of small to medium sized private businesses.

  • Throughout Central Australia, OutbackEV supports EDEA's Net Zero projects with initial rollout design, local maintenance and onsite training of community members for the solutions EDEA
    provides for Central Australia, SA/NT and any outlying communities as we expand the use of Renewable Energy and Electrical Transport.

  • Ignition One is a specialist in Non-Government Organisation “NGO” clean energy solutions. We are taking the lead on the increasing use of solar energy generation on Commercial and Industrial properties, schools and hospitals and residential.

  • HalfCut is a peer to peer, fun, social, visually disruptive and environmental movement that engages all people from all paths of life to raise urgent funds to support forests, wildlife, people, climate our planet.