• EDEA Energy is a foundation partner of Australian owned and operated, Energy Renaissance, which is Australia’s own lithium battery manufacturer.

    EDEA Energy utilises Energy Renaissance's safe, high-energy lithium cells which are designed to deliver a battery built for Australian conditions with world-class safety and power.

  • The value HDA brings is the strategic alignment between what Korea needs to do to enhance their security and what Australia wants to do to develop a resilient and Sovereign defence industry.

    HDA was formed to fulfill this proposition.

  • Disruptive Scientific specializes in deep-science research to invent and manufacture ultra low-cost batteries for residential customers.

    Disruptive Scientific's membraneless flow battery design not only reduces maintenance to nearly zero, but also enables a 100X reduction in battery chemistry costs.

  • The AMC’s mission is to provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with the guided weapons and explosive ordnance it will need to prevail on the battlefield. We will rapidly establish and coordinate the delivery of guided weapons research, design, test, manufacture, sustainment, training, storage and disposal activities across Australia.

  • Creating autonomous defence and specialist commercial platforms, products and systems using best-in-class, state of the art technology.  

    Powered by advanced AI incorporating computer vision, radar, acoustics and deep learning algorithms.  Advent Atum's mission is to rapidly advance defence and commercial industry capabilities focusing on autonomy and sustainability.

  • The Australian Defence Alliance - Victoria works with dual-use SMEs, Primes, Government and Defence.

    ADA is the Peak Body for the Defence Industry in Victoria.

    ADA-Vic is one of the Founding members of Australia’s largest independent, professional advocacy body, 'Australian Defence Alliance' serving more than 1,100 members nationally.

  • HalfCut is a peer to peer, fun, social, visually disruptive and environmental movement that engages all people from all paths of life to raise urgent funds to support forests, wildlife, people, climate our planet.

  • Ignition One is a specialist in Non-Government Organisation “NGO” clean energy solutions. We are taking the lead on the increasing use of solar energy generation on Commercial and Industrial properties, schools and hospitals and residential.