We are EDEA Energy and energy is the enabler of life.

Access to clean, safe, affordable and reliable power directly leads to better safety, health, education, employment and prosperity.

Our social-impact business model drives scale in eliminating energy poverty whilst delivering financial and ethical returns to investors.

We utilise profits created by our commercial products and projects to help fund and staff our Energy Poverty projects.

Our vision is that everyone is empowered, and we are an active voice for change and good.

Our mission is to eliminate energy poverty in Australia.

Designed in Australia for Australians

EDEA energy has developed patent-pending, rapidly deployed and highly cost effective energy solutions for Defence, camping, caravans, worksites, residential homes and remote communities.

EDEA Energy designs all our EnRG™ solutions right here in Australia.

Our rugged EnRG™ solutions are easy to use, tough, powerful, and long lasting.

  • Commercial Products/Projects

    Using profit generated through commercial products and projects we fund and staff projects to help eliminate energy poverty.

  • Social impact projects

    Community focussed projects delivered at low margins to maximise the positive social impacts and outcomes they deliver.

  • Energy poverty projects

    These projects, delivered at no cost to the community, are funded as a result of EDEA's social impact business model and generous sponsors.

Research and development

Established in 2018, EDEA energy  is an integrator/manufacturer of high density, simple, safe, energy generation and storage solutions and is an Australian Registered Proprietary Limited Company.

EDEA was established to research and develop rapidly deployable energy capture and storage solutions for communities with unstable and unreliable power grids.

Current R&D Projects

- New architecture and manufacturing processes to significantly reduce costs to manufacture MIL SPEC batteries

- Infinity scaleable inverter solution that reduces mass by 30% compared to traditional inverters

- Real world testing of printed PV by charging an electric car as it travels around Australia

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

EDEA Energy is committed to contributing to 10 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals; both, directly and indirectly by providing energy to achieve these goals.