Sovereign Australian, cyber-secure lithium-ion
military and telecommunications batteries

In May 2023 EDEA Energy executed a multi-hundred-million dollar Defence Supply Agreement with Energy Renaissance to manufacture Sovereign Australian lithium-ion batteries for Defence Mobility applications.

This agreement eliminates foreign security and supply risk, and ensures 100% Australian energy storage solutions for the Australian Defence Force and AUKUS members.

AUKUS and NATO defence forces, and major Defense Primes, are now testing the EDEA super6T battery.

This agreement is forecast to exceed $750M in asset delivery by end-2025.

Australian owned, designed and manufactured lithium-ion energy storage solutions

Utilising Sovereign Australian supply from cell processing to battery manufacturing (fr. 2025)

EDEA Energy was formed to create Australian owned, designed, and manufactured, defence ready energy storage solutions suited for our unique conditions. 

Our integrated solutions can store and stabilise energy supply at device, facility, region and national levels. At a macro level, our distributed and scalable solutions are highly resistant to hostile threats/actions and natural disasters.

EDEA Energy’s unique ecosystem of Australian Supply Chain partners can produce wholly Australian energy storage solutions from the cell processing to final solution; providing confidence and control in quality, cyber security, supply security and elimination of FX risk.

Initial production with manufacturing partner Energy Renaissance in Tomago NSW with plans to build AUKUS dedicated facilities in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Avalon Victoria.

Drop-in replacement and rapidly deployed, resilient, distributed energy solutions

  • Drop-in replacement lithium-ion 1-B90L super6T NATO batteries for heavy vehicles and other military equipment
  • Drop-in replacement lithium-ion 48V cell tower batteries
  • Post battle, establish islanded energy generation, storage and utilisation where there is no energy supply
  • Rapidly set-up distributed ad-hoc microgrids for energy and comms during disaster relief and humanitarian activities utilising untrained labour
  • Rapidly stabilise battle-impacted, unreliable grids and energy supply using distributed self-managed energy swarming
  • Authorised distributor of Energy Renaissance stationary Battery Energy Storage Systems

Research and development

Established in 2018, EDEA Energy is an integrator/manufacturer of high density, simple, safe, energy generation and storage solutions and is an Australian Registered Proprietary Limited Company.

EDEA was established to research and develop rapidly deployable energy capture and storage solutions for communities with unstable and unreliable power grids.

Current R&D Projects

  • New architecture and manufacturing processes to significantly reduce costs to manufacture MIL-SPEC batteries
  • Infinitely scaleable inverter solution that reduces mass by 30% compared to traditional inverters
  • Naval Energy Storage System to enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance with military standards, and offer advanced cybersecurity features to protect against potential threats.
  • Real world testing of printed PV by charging an electric car as it travels around Australia

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

EDEA Energy is committed to contributing to four of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals; both, directly and indirectly by providing energy to achieve these goals.