Yhi's Radiant Embrace

Yhi's Radiant Embrace

EDEA Foundation - our story as told by Andrew Wilson of the Gandangara Nation

-Yhi's Radiant Embrace-

Two hands of Goddess Yhi holding and sharing the sun's energy with the community. In the dreaming, Yhi woke up from a whistle and when she opened her eyes, light fell onto the Earth.

The golden flaked ochre swirl in the middle of the sun also represents campfire or meeting place/quorum. Where people gather to cook, conduct ritual, and share knowledge, but also warmth from the heat. 

Yhi was also known to make the first woman out of a flower. Which was her best creation so far after some failed attempts at creation. She also gave the kangaroo and wombat legs.

Plants grow where she walks and Yhi, herself also radiates energy. Yhi is well known to chase the moon (Bahloo, God). And it is is said when she catches up with Bahloo lots of energy is created.


  • Dot painting
  • Hand/finger painting
  • Brush
  • Cross hatch

Mostly acrylic on canvas prior to image digitalisation

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