Testing printed solar technology with University of Newcastle

Testing printed solar technology with University of Newcastle

EDEA Energy are a proud sponsor of Stuart McBain's Charge Around Australia. 

The project will test breakthrough solar technology by driving an electric vehicle around Australia and recharging using the printed solar cell panels. 

On the journey, we are using portable printed solar cell panels to enable off-grid electric car charging. This innovative solar technology enables us to harvest free energy from the sun in wilderness stretches along the route where established charging stations are unavailable. 

The technology, known as organic photovoltaics (OPV), is integral to the lightweight solar cells panels that have been developed by Professor Paul Dastoor and his pioneering OPV team at the University of Newcastle’s Centre for Organic Electronics.

The project can demonstrate the capability of the portable solar panels to function successfully on this challenging trip and consequently help to dispel the ‘range anxiety’ currently associated with long-distance journeys in electric vehicles.

We are doing much more than just driving. Our project is also designed to educate and support people and organisations, including schools. We are highlighting that the future of sustainable power generation for transport and our wider energy requirements relies on new technology.

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