EDEA Strategic Services

EDEA Energy offers Energy, Carbon and Sustainability Strategies and support to the commercial, industrial and defence sectors.

A combination of software, automation and increasingly machine learning enables us to drive Building, Asset and Strategy Outcomes. Our core consulting services span the Building Lifecycle from Design and Construction, through to End of Life Asset Replacement/Upgrade or new technology Modelling, Feasibility and Installation.

Data led, technology driven

  • Energy Master Plans
  • Sustainability Strategies
  • Net Zero Carbon Strategies
  • 100% Renewable Energy Transition Plans

Our services include:

Asset condition, performance and lifecycle management

  • Upgrading or replacing end of life assets or inefficient technology
  • Optimisation, control and automation
  • Operations and maintenance

Capital works planning and procurement

  • Cost management and optimisation
  • Structured, Long Term Capital Works Programs
  • Competitive quoting processes and management


  • Project and Program Management
  • Measurement & Verification (M&V)
  • Reporting and Communication

Asset specifications, portfolio management

  • Create, manage, maintain a uniform specification across site or portfolio
  • Design, engineering, feasibility and modelling 

Intelligent assets and buildings with IoT Technology

  • Application of Internet of Things (IoT) technology for key building service and asset metering, visualisation, control and automation
  • Building Performance benchmarking, monitoring and reporting including pattern recognition, anomaly detection and predictive management

Building wellness and comfort

  • Air Quality Strategies including key metric Measurement (via IoT Sensors) and Alerts
  • Management Strategies including Ventilation and Building Modification, Filtration/Purification and UV-C Technologies

Energy masterplans, sustainability and carbon strategies

  • Energy Master Plans
    - driving Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Transition and Energy Sharing Strategies
  • Sustainability Strategies
    - helping organisations achieve their Sustainability Objectives thanks to the Mamachi Sustainability Framework
  • Carbon Strategies
    - helping drive our customers towards their NetZero, Carbon Neutral, Decarbonisation or CarbonPositive Targets

How we do what we do

We combine our years of experience with site, asset and infrastructure data to develop a structured, informed investment strategy - targeting our customer’s stated objective. Our wealth of knowledge and expansive technical and delivery partner network enables us to map and manage properties or portfolios of all ages, conditions and locations nationally.

  • Energy

    • 100% Renewable Transitions
    • Energy Efficiency & Management
    • Energy Sharing
  • Water

    • Water Monitoring
    • Leak Detection
    • Infrastructure
    • Water Management 
  • Waste

    • Waste Stream Assessments
    • Waste Management
    • Strategies 
  • Carbon

    • Emissions
    • Net Zero Carbon
    • Decarbonisation Strategies
  • Air Quality

    • Building Wellness & Comfort
    • Indoor Environment
    • Quality