Defence integration specialists

EDEA Energy's team of defence professionals' extensive battlefield, logistical and humanitarian experience ensure your requirements are translated into highly fit for purpose energy generation, storage and utilisation solutions. 

EDEA Energy integrated solutions can store and stabilise energy supply at device, facility, region and national levels. At a macro level, our distributed solutions are highly resistant to hostile threats/actions and natural disasters. Utilising simple plug and play technology, our integrated solutions are able to be transported and rapidly-deployed by mostly untrained labour, saving considerable time, effort and expense.

  • 6T NATO Li Ion Battery

    Sovereign Australian, patent pending, MIL-SPEC, 6T NATO battery currently undergoing certification and testing.

    Available ~March 2023 utilising Australian manufactured cells from Australian mined and refined minerals.

  • AC-Coupled Battery/PV Hybrid

    Australian designed and manufactured, these ruggedised and hot-climate optimised battery energy storage systems can be configured from 122kWh/60kW to 622kWh/135kW. Combine three systems for a maximum capacity of 1,866kWh/270kW (grid).

  • Solution Design

    In this fast changing world of energy generation, storage, transport and utilisation we work closely with industry and Defence end users to design and develop energy storage solutions that are effective and fit for purpose.

  • The value HDA brings is the strategic alignment between what Korea needs to do to enhance their security and what Australia wants to do to develop a resilient and Sovereign defence industry.

    HDA was formed to fulfill this proposition.

  • The AMC’s mission is to provide the Australian Defence Force (ADF) with the guided weapons and explosive ordnance it will need to prevail on the battlefield. We will rapidly establish and coordinate the delivery of guided weapons research, design, test, manufacture, sustainment, training, storage and disposal activities across Australia.

  • The Australian Defence Alliance - Victoria works with dual-use SMEs, Primes, Government and Defence.

    ADA is the Peak Body for the Defence Industry in Victoria.

    ADA-Vic is one of the Founding members of Australia’s largest independent, professional advocacy body, 'Australian Defence Alliance' serving more than 1,100 members nationally.