EDEA advanced audit services

Our audits create a validated, quantitative, and documented repository of information (the data) which creates or centralises Building, Asset and Infrastructure information from often disparate sources. The result is a single, uniform and consistent data structure that enables aggregation and management of all audited locations.

Any major investment should be information-led, ensuring a reliable, informed decision making outcome. EDEA creates and structures data to support Building, Energy, Carbon, Sustainability and Advanced Portfolio or Asset Management Strategies. 

Our service creates that 'single source of truth' - a validated, quantitative, and documented repository of information (the data) relating to Building, Asset and Infrastructure information. The resulting uniform and consistent data structure enables aggregation and management of all Audited locations for our client.

Our services have been leveraged to support a number of outcomes including:

  • Baseline Asset Register Development to support Facilities and Asset Management Service Providers
  • Energy and Carbon related Standards such as AS3598.1:2014 or ASHRAE Level 2
  • Established Goals/Accreditations such as ISO14064, NetZero, Sustainability, NABERS Ratings
  • Identifying the right Target/Accreditation for the Site/Business/Occupant Group

The holistic information that is created includes buildings, building services, assets and energy technologies, mapping  their attributes, location, condition, performance metrics and relationships (Child/Parent, Fed-From etc) as well as operating profile and behaviour. 

Turning data into information

Information is data that is relevant, accurate and timely.

Half the Battle in any strategy is having current, accurate Building and Asset information. We provide Specialised Auditing Services nationally through a combination of people, process and technology

We deliver a single, uniform output that collates and centralises Site, Asset and Infrastructure across key identified metrics including the technology and its attributes, performance characteristics, location, condition and relationships. Our process integrates existing documentation such as floorplans, maintenance records and asset lists to create a single source of truth which feeds into the resulting data set and can be easily maintained or ingested by subsequent systems (Design Tools, Asset Management Software, FInancial Packages).